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About Us

Bela Risu Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organization based in Kenya dedicated to extending life-changing, signifying, and hope-restoring surgeries to children.... Read more

Our Vision

Bela Risu Foundation envisions an Africa where dignity and hope-restoring surgeries are safely and readily available through surgical missions and strong partnership programs.

Our Mission

Restoring hope and dignity:

This is often achieved through a huge pool of dedicated and experienced volunteer medical professionals who involve with us during the several ... Read more

Why we exist
Every day so many children are born with craniofacial deformities most common being cleft lip and cleft palate. Clefts often interfere with children’s feeding, and speech and in unfortunate circumstances some often die due to malnutrition or... Read more
Our Commitment
Safe Surgery On Cleft-Lip And Palate.Bela Risu is committed to extending free safe cleft lip/cleft palate surgeries that are highly subsidized and safe from other surgical specialties that all aim at restoring hope and dignity to the victims.
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